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Zimbabwe, What an Adventure




Languages: English is the official language, Shona being the most spoken with Ndebele being the second spoken. Communication at all levels in all areas is English and almost everyone can understand you.

Time Zone: GMT +2

International Dialing Code: +263

Visas: Visas are required by nationals of most countries. They are available at all entry points (airport or land borders) and not difficult to secure at costs between 20 to 45USD.

Hint….It is even cheaper to secure a visa at entry point than at embassy!




Air travel to Zimbabwe regional and international:

Harare to Bulawayo 1hr 15mins,

Harare to Victoria falls 1hr 45min,

Harare to Johannesburg 1hr 45mins,

Harare to Lusaka 45mins

Harare to Lubumbashi DRC 1hr 30mins,

Harare to London 10hrs 30mins,

Harare to Kuala Lumpur 10hrs 30mins,

Harare to Beijing 16hrs 45mins

Bulawayo to Victoria Falls 1hr15mins

Johannesburg to Bulawayo 2hrs 20mins

Victoria Falls to Johannesburg 1hr 45mins

Health: Malaria is present throughout the country so visitors may have to take anti-malarial medication prior to their visits. Bottled water is available throughout country. Winters can be very cold especially in the eastern and central parts of the country. You may need to bring warm clothing.

Safety: For all travelers to Zimbabwe, this is one of the safest places in Africa. One should only be extra careful and cautious when driving. However, with Honeybadger Tours, you will be in safe hands! We have all it takes to make sure that our visitors are safe and enjoy a hustle free visit to Zimbabwe.

Money: USD is widely used and the South African Rand is also accepted in the country. Money Machines / ATM are widely accessible in major cities but one can only get USD from machines. As Honeybadger Tours we encourage you not to carry large sums of money, just pocket your Visa Card and/ Master Cards. You will be fine that way.

Cost: Honeybadger Tours make provisions for cheaper destinations catering for both Upper markets to backpacking travelers. We do hotels from 5* to lodges and tented camps. In this regard, we are able to carter for all our valuable clients to give them a memorable holiday even under small budgets.

Getting Around: The country has an extensive surface road network, an advantage to those who would like self drives – we have a good selection of cars to choose from. To those who are on a minimal budget, local buses are available and a good way to take you from one city. However, public transport has its own drawbacks as they follow operating timetables. Whilst major destinations can be reached by plane, there are other destinations such as those in remote areas and National parks where one has to charter light aircrafts. At Honeybadger, we make all such arrangements for our clients.

Accommodation: Honeybadger Tours can arrange and book accommodation for you wherever you would like. We do standard hotels, lodges and camp sites. Most places offer B/B while F/B is available as well. Camping can be done at any place designated for that purpose in the parks and/ other tourist destinations. We are always happy to get you to all these places and make comfortable.

Another hint….you pay slightly less when we make the booking for you so book through us!

Honeybadger presents to you Romantic Getaways:

Batoka Bliss 20mins drive from Victoria Falls an excellent Elephant Camp at a cost of 392USD / couple. Head of the Hills 30mins drive from Bulawayo there is Amalinda Camp at a cost of 780/ couple with many things to be done. Self-catering Style 30mins drive from Bulawayo there is a place at a cost of 120USD. Laid-Back on the Lake there is the Bumi Hills at cost 700USD with lots of activates. Bizarre in Bulawayo you can have a night at Nesbitt Castle at a cost of 100USD / couple. Alpine Ambiance in the Eastern Highlands 3hrs Pine tree Inn, Nyanga Village at a cost of 88USD / couple on a BB. Hotspot of Harare is the Meikles Hotel at a cost of 250USd / couple on a BB. Highlands Fling there is the Troutback resort at a cost of 130USD/ couple. Falling For You there is the Victoria Falls hotel at a cost of 220USD/ couple. Wild Times is the Bomani camp 2,5hrs drive from Victoria Falls at a cost of 320USD/ couple FB.

Great Zimbabwe World Heritage Site, Honey Badger ToursHighlights of Attractions in Zimbabwe

Great places which are a must see when you visit Zimbabwe

  • Great Zimbabwe World Heritage Site – Great house of stones (Masvingo)

  • Eastern Highlands - mystical mountains (Eastern Range of Mountains)

  • Victoria Falls - one of the wanders of World (Border Zambia)

  • Hwange National Park - wild animals and bird plus Painted Dog paradise (Close to Vic Falls)

  • Matobo National Park - rhinoceros sanctuary, spiritual hone and burial (Bulawayo)

  • Lake Kariba - house boat and sunset cruise, water wander (North Border Zambia)

  • Mana Pools National Park - untamed experiences (Kariba dam Area)

Honeybadger Tours also take you to other smaller but spectacular and interesting places around Zimbabwe. All aimed at giving you a memorable stay in the country. Each of these places is unique in its own way and they blend with major destinations of your choice. One will always get a new feeling and experience new things. These places include:

  • Chizarira National Park

  • Bangala Recreational Park – Masvingo

  • Lake Mtirikwi – Masvingo

  • Harare

  • Epworth Balancing Rocks – Harare

  • Mbizi Game Park – Harare

  • National Botanical Garden – Harare

  • Chinhoyi Caves - just outside Harare

  • Ngomakurira - in Domboshava outside Harare

  • Mukuvisi Woodlands - in Harare

  • Ewanrigg Botanical Garden - in Harare

  • Haka Park and Cleveland Dam - in Harare

  • Cecil Kop Nature Reserve – Mutare

  • Vumba Botanical Garden & Reserve - Mutare

  • Bunga Forest Botanical Reserve - close to Mutare

  • Tsindi Ruins - in Marondera Town

  • Chikupu Caves - towards Bindura Town

  • Bulawayo

  • Khami Ruins National Monuments – Bulawayo

  • Dhlodhlo Ruins National Monument - in Midlands

  • Antelope Park - Gweru

  • Nalatale Ruins - close to Gweru

  • Kazuma Pan National Park – Matetsi Safari Area

  • Umfurudzi Safari Area – Zambezi escarpment

  • Matusadonha National Park – southern shoreline of Lake Kariba

  • Mavuradonha Wilderness Area – eastern escarpment of Zambezi valley

  • Gonarezhou National Park - shares with Kruger National Park

  • Ziwa & Nyahokwe Ruins - outside Nyanga town

  • World’s View - Nyanga

  • Diana’s Vow - close to Rusape along Nyanga Road

  • Nyangombe Falls / Pungwe Falls – Nyanga National Park

  • Nyanga National Park – Nyanga

  • Honde Valley in the eastern Zimbabwe - close to Nyanga town

  • Chirinda Forest - Chimanimani

  • Hot springs – Nyanyadzi, Birchenough Bridge

  • Chimanimani Eland Sanctuary – Chimanimani

  • Bridal Veil Falls – Chimanimani

The museums are yet another fascinating tour destination. There are five magnificent museums which have different themes. The Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences in Harare specializes with human history. One will also have a chance to see the recently displayed “Ark of the Covenant” or “Ngomalungundu”. This is believed to link the Jews in Israel with a Lemba tribe found in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana. There are also the Gweru Military Museum, Mutare Museum specializing in Antiquities, The Great Zimbabwe Museum at the famous site of Great Zimbabwe and the Natural History Museum in Bulawayo. Visiting the Natural museum will also accord you a chance to view a theme park depicting the houses of a Ndebele Kingdom, the Old Bulawayo.

There are other cultural activities that have been and are still being done today. Some of the activities are being enacted and are presented as theme parks whilst others involve visits to participate in cultural activities amongst the Shona and Ndebele speakers as well as their smaller dialects. Traditional fortune tellers or diviners are also part of cultural package.

We also have something for sports lovers!

Golfing, Cricket, Horse ridding, Water rafting in the Zambezi, Fishing competitions every year, Tennis, Soccer, Motor Racing, Canoeing are also very popular with visitors. Beers – largers and opaques (Chibuku/Ingwebu) as well as spirits. These are available everywhere……as long as you are above 18years of age!


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