The Islands of East Africa - Zanzibar, Pemba, Mafia and Chumbe Island





The Zanzibar Island is a must not miss!! There are a number of places that one will enjoy seeing. There is Jozani forest with the Colobus monkeys, plus a very prominent forest of the mangrove fern trees.

A spice tour will take you to the trees and flowers that make part of the spices we enjoy every day in our meals.

City tour of the narrow streets, the old palaces, museum and the slave anointment church, which is a catholic church in the city. Zanzibari life style is also one thing most people will enjoy when you move around meeting the people or just receiving the greetings. It is also easy to make friends as everyone would like to be hospitable.

Mwangapwani cave which is a sacred cave for the locals is a long and underground naturally cave within the Island. It is again at this place where you can have a clear access to the slave trade methods which were used. Slave chambers are still standing in their originally designed way. Slaves were transported to this point from Bagamoyo which was a trade center north of Dar es Salaam city along the Indian Ocean on mainland Tanzania.

Bagamoyo itself is yet another interesting historical city to visit. On its way to England for burial, David Livingstone’s body passed through this place.

Dolphin display space in the Indian Ocean where you can enjoy your day closer to sea life of marvelous animals. Nice beaches you can relax and get very good sunburn.



Zanzibar has a rich and ancient past having been the center for travelers sailing from distant lands of the Middle East by dhows. Zanzibar is known as the ‘Isles of Cloves’ and has the smell of spices.

Due to the generally slower pace of life, its tranquility has survived. Places to see are: Sultana’s Place Beit-al-Ajaib. National Museum and the Historical structures which are of Arabic Architecture. These tend to attract a log of historians and history oriented tourists. Then there are out-of-town places, ancient ruins, the crumbled palaces of past Sultans to visit.








Mafia Island is one of the few remaining fishing paradise islands in the world. It is an ideal place for those looking for perfect tranquility added to big game fishing. Big game fish caught here include: - Marlin, Shark, King Fish, Tunny, Dolphin and Wahoo which are one of the finest fighters.

Then there are the brightly colored Damsel Angel and Lion Fish. Underwater life also includes Crabs, Squirts, Star Fish and Shells in their iridescence. Mafia is the best place for fishing, deep-seas diving, snorkeling

Facilities offered at the Mafia Island include fishing equipment and boats, goggling, sailing and water ski-ing. These are payable at the Mafia Island Lodge.








Chumbe Island

Activities provided by Honeybadger Tours and Travel as you visit the famous Chumbe Island. Lots of activities are waiting for you on and around Chumbe Island. (Make sure you bring enough time with you!)

The whole of Chumbe Island is a nature reserve and you may explore its beauties either under the competent guidance of our tour guide plus a park ranger or at your leisure. 

Snorkel through our unique shallow water Reef Sanctuary or explore the Forest Reserve and historical monuments. Take an excursion out SCUBA diving the nearby reefs, or perhaps just allow yourself a lazy day watching dhows and outrigger boats go by.... .

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