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Ph Joseph Nyabezi born in the remote village of Nyanga, Eastern Zimbabwe. He attended Primary school at Nyatondo School in Nyanga, ‘O’ level in Nyanga, ‘A’ level in Mutare Currently holder of International Tourism Diploma

He is proud that he has served several different nationalities and each had different reasons for to touring, and all had positive comments at the end of safari.

Joseph, trained as a professional hunter, with the National Parks of Zimbabwe,  and completed 4 main courses along with Fire Arms and Ammunition, Animal Habit and Habitats, Birds, First Aid, Identification of Animals &Trees, Trekking Animals and Contingent Planning

He has worked with various Safaris companies in Zimbabwe through the years serving as a hunter & guide. He has worked in Tanzania taking on the roles of  hunter, Conservation Officer and Operations Manager for a number of companies before venturing into Honeybadger Tours in 2009

He is very self motivated along with years of experience gave birth of Honeybadger Tours and Safaris. Trekking the African landscape while capturing animals through the camera. There are several ways to enjoy your African safari, you can travel by walking, car, or riverside cruises. He is well versed in tours for bird watchering and of course the world famous hunting safaris, which are truely the best way to enjoy the African jungle.

Joseph and Honeybadger Tours work very hard to ensure you taken to the best places, yeilding the best results on your tour. You are always welcome to choose which tour will make you feel happy on a holiday and Joseph will advise you based on his vast knowledge of the areas you wish to visit. Joseph emphasizes Quality of tour wich will alway prevail, and his staff is very attuned to  the operations and what it takes to make great results on your next holiday, while providing it at an affordable cost. Joseph would like to personally welcome you to Africa, book your next holiday with Honeybadger Tours.

Joseph looks forward to serving you and your party on your next visit to Zimbabwe, Tanzania to explore one of the most beautiful places on earth, Africa!!!!!

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