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At Honey Badger Foundation, we are always willing to help....

Honeybadger Foundation is collaborating with local communities, non-government, and government organizations to develop a better future for young people. Also, in collaboration with village based community organizations, we are establishing discussion groups for men & women, orphanages, old people’s homes, churches to raise the awareness of the social practice of FGM and its potential detrimental impacts. Our mission is to facilitate and empower the marginalized communities of Ifakara (Southern Tanzania) / Nyanga in [Zimbabwe] to transform their lives through a sustainable and integrated approach to development. Just a small present will be rewarded by an old smile to say thank you.

Honeybadger Foundation hopes to make life easy for rural life by making it possible to have clean water at each homestead in a chosen area, medical recognition, networking for easy communication thereby making it easy for channeling what needs to be done in time. We do not look for money but for anything you might have to help our beloved brothers. Any small donation will generate value in his/her life.

Food fight to reduce fights related to scarcity and time spent to look for it

Water fighting to reduce time and distances covered to fetch water

School Books are knowledge  to aid the barometer for development

Ambulances/Health operations, eye treatment, fight to reduce mother child death during birth times

Productive equipments, keep people busy to reduce vandalism of attractions, roads, fauna and flora

Clothing/ blankets fight to keep old people warm for more knowledge sharing before they succumb to other illnesses

Our vision is for this Foundation to cover every member of the community within Africa’s most affected areas, our emphases is on vulnerable groups, to have equal access to civil, social, economic and cultural rights and utilize available resources in an environmentally sustainable way by either going to school, farming, time consuming projects to try to reduce time spend doing distractive things in life.

Women face the greatest level of obstacles in social, economic and political structures in Africa. Many women are subject to the cultural activity of (FGM), Spiritual Avenging settlements deals, domestic violence, and sexual abuse in the work place. Women faces obstacles in accessing institutional support services, in particular legal aid, education, ownership of land, investment security etc . Due to obstacles faced culturally, and through domestic demands, women have been found to be the least likely to participate in political activities, and are thus least aware of their civic rights. Every donation you make will be great news to any local communities to which it will be directed to.

(See a problem and foundations should help if possible in a bid to avert it)

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