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Everything you wanted to know about an african safari

The following items aid in what constitutes as a good Safari:

  • Get to the desired destination
  • Finish your safari within your schedule
  • Enjoy what you thought you really came for
  • Have the safari in the frame of your budget
  • Experience the real difference of bush environment and its fresh air
  • Win your targets
  • Come as close as possible to the fauna and flora in a prestine environment
  • Feel protected
  • Feel secured
  • Feel honored
  • Feel respected
  • Get as much information as you would like
  • Cultural tours are important as they give different life perspectives
  • Get blends you did not expect without increasing your cost
  • Having a creative and innovative guide
  • Service by competent staff
  • Smile pays as you can make as many friends
  • Flexibility offers best chances of reducing conflict on Safari
  • Planning saves time and helps to move in time

    Embarking on a journey to Africa ; Things you need to know....

  • Most parts of Africa are generally hot
  • bring light clothes
  • Most banks do not offer credit cards so please be sure you have extra cash
  • take note of what tour guides advice
  • Be careful with strangers, not all of them have good motives
  • we always take you to good and safe places
  • standards of life are slightly different between southern and East Africa
  • Infrastructural development is also slightly different between the two regions with a few challenges in East Africa
  • You might need to take some preventive medicines before coming to East Africa
  • You may also need anti-insect sprays for dangerous insects like tsetse-flies
  • Carry enough photographic materials the like of cameras, batteries, films, memory cards etc
  • High boots are good for game walk, as this will also reduce chances of meeting and get snake bites.
  • Malaria is common in Africa so please take anti tablets before and carry some with you.
  • Beers, spirits, wines, mineral water, fruit juice, soft drinks, and any other brands that make you happy are available.
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