Majestic Mount Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilomanjaro National Park Gate, Honey Badger Tours

Above the gently rolling hills and plateau of northern Tanzania stands the snowy peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, its slopes and glaciers shimmering above the rising clouds.

Kilimanjaro is located near the town of Moshi Town an area which is in between Arusha Town. We can have a direct flight to KIA airport in Moshi which is an international airport. Mt

Kilimanjaro is a protected area, carefully regulated for climbers to enjoy without leaving a trace of their presence. The mountain’s ecosystems are as strikingly beautiful as they are varied and diverse. On the lowland slopes, much of the mountain is farmland, with coffee, banana, cassava, and maize crops grown for subsistence and cash sale. A few larger coffee farms still exist on the lower slopes, but much of the area outside the national park has been subdivided into small plots.

Once inside the park, thick lowland forest covers the lower altitudes and breaks into alpine meadows once the air begins to thin. Near the peak, the landscape is harsh and barren, with rocks and ices the predominant features above a breathtaking African view.

Kilimanjaro is the second highest mountain in the World, about 5812 m height from the sea level

There are six routes used to climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

  1. Marangu Route 6 days
  2. Machame Route 8 days
  3. Rongai Route 7 days
  4. Lemosho Route 12 days
  5. Umbwe Route 5 days
  6. Mweka Route 6 days

Mount MeruMount Meru, Honey Badger Tours

Mt Meru is just to the west of Mt Kilimanjaro and is lately known as the twin to Mt Kili and they seem to have erupted almost at the same time while the other was of high volume. This conical mountain is a source of many fresh waters that are used by the locals to drink and farming. Climbing it is just a unique to its own and gives you the chance to see the surrounding places

You need just 4 days















Udzungwa Mountains


Located in the southern part of Mikumi , this is one of the outstanding places one might go for hikking while enjoying wild animals and endemic species of the recorded primate and antelops. Sanje Falls is one of the mighty to see as one can camp at this place for overnight. There are 6 routes that can be used all having different things along to the top.

Tourists trails Mountain climbing and Hiking being the major activity, currently there are ten tourists’ trails in the eastern and western part of the park. Eastern trails Mwanihana and Lumemo trails for hiking to Mwanihana peak the second highest peak 2500masl, Sanje trails for hiking to Sanje waterfall, Prince Bernhard trail for hiking to Prince Bernhard and Njokamoni waterfall, Sonjo trail hiking to Sonjo waterfall and Njokamoni Mwaya waterfalls trail. Western trails Mbatwa trails for hiking to Mwanaluvele cave, Ibito valley and Ng’ung’umbi swamp. Udekwa trails for hiking to Lohomero peak the highest peak in the park 2576masl, Chavemba peak at Ndundulu Mountains, and Nyumbanitu.

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