Specialist Adventures from Honeybadger Tours

We offer that following services in special groups or individual upon request, this will be done by professional people at the end of the day. Honeybadger Tours has a long and outstanding mark in the market for offering these services. All our special safaris are flexible ones in the event that you need it done in the way you want, places you want, time you want, end at the point you want, but if it is a mixture of different people operations turn to stamp authority.

1. Bird watching Tours & Safaris

These are interesting adventures for those interested to just do birds; the speed is very slow since enjoying bird life takes time at a place. We offer this to you and your loved one to enjoy them in the valleys, Mt, fields, rivers, and parks. We will help you get to the right places and at the right time with the right guide. Flexible days and starting points

2. Cycling tours Adventure

These are offered on different days, distance, and countries as well as places. We would love to share with you our common places and these are

Kenya, Nairobi to Tanzania, Dar es Salaam.

Zimbabwe, Harare to Mutare

Zambia, Lusaka to Zimbabwe, Harare

We still have different places you might cycle to at a given time and months depending with seasons. Support car will be there, medical and rescue team. Maximum distance of cycling per day might be 80km depending with your strength if you are tired you get in the car and rest.

3. Cultural & Spiritual Tours Adventure

When we talk of cultural we are talking if what happens and how it happens with the means of life our old and natural life style. These are still done either as remembrance or practices done on special events, Rain making ceremonies, fortune tellers, traditional healing, and lucky potations, night dances with drum beating, food, sleeping modes, and value on things and how people marry each other, beer brewing and types of beers, dances love portions. Sitting around a night fire singing and dancing, and taking to a night in the round hut

4. Mountain & Rock Climbing Safaris

These are for those who wish to enjoy strong ventures and can be done any where depending with your number of days and groups or family elements. Same places you have in mind might be Usambara Mt, Udzungwa Mt, Mt Meru, Mt Nyangani, Ngozi Crater, Ulugulu Mt, Ziwa Hill, and Lake Malawi Mt.

5. River & Water activities

We are offering water activities at large and with specialist, be it canoeing, water rafting, bungee jumping, waterfalls visit, fishing, diving, beach relaxing, snorkeling, dolphin swimming, elephant swimming, cruise, sunset cruise. Same well known place be like Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, Kilambo falls, Victoria Falls, Mtarazi falls, Pungwe falls, Kariba Dam, Mutera dam , Kilombero Valley, Zanzibar, Kilwa , Bagamoyo and so many places inside and outside protected areas.

6. Historical and Monumental tours

We make sure when you visit with us you enjoy the past stories by the visit to places where most of these things a preserved in, museums, ruins, rock paintings, old fortes, old cities, old colonial plans. These might include Great Zimbabwe ruins, Khami, Ziwa, Nyanga Structures ,Isimila Stone Age, Kilwa ruins, Olduvai Gorge, Dodoma , Bagamoyo Historical Town, such a number of museums, routes like the slave route, liberation movements points ect.

7. Hunting Adventure

We offer hunting safaris as well, going for 10 days, 16 days, and 21 days these are done upon your request and we will manage these in the countries we operate from, these are Tanzania and Zimbabwe. We are governed by the hunting ethic of fair chase, the right size, sex, quality, trophies, environmental sensitivity and communal benefits from wild life.

We also take to the Hadzabe and Masaai tribe on a hunting mission for you to enjoy the real bush and traditional hunting tactics used ever since by our fore fathers before guns came in, using bows and arrows , dogs, natural points and taking everything the eat

8. Overlanding Safaris & Adventure

We offer overland safaris to those who are able to share long time with people who come from different countries, different ages but coming to enjoy Africa. We cover Kenya to South Africa in a big truck, camping and accommodate, participating and non participating ones. They will be guided ones with tour leader and assistant who will be helping you on everything at different places. These are long safaris some taking up to 60 days it all depends with your route. These are very good for universities, schools, young ones and those with more time to be out of their places. Very good in that they are a budget type of tours.


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