South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa (21 Days)



To come into this safari is historical sites, wild animal viewing, world heritage sites, UNSECO sites, sightseeing and southern Africa frolic and cultural mixtures.



Day 1: Johannesburg SA

After meeting our representative from Honeybadger Tours you are then briefed on what follows in the following 21 days of this safari. You are now made to be ready for a safari. Taken from your hotel of arrival into the truck and trip crew of Honeybadger Tours



Day 2, 3: Kruger National Park SA

We take to the great parks of the world. The Kruger even though now days it is no longer standing alone in its heritage. It now call a Great Transfrontier Park that has its name from the three parks joined together, KGK Great Transfrontier Park is the new mane joining Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. It is in this park that animal life and humans have been allowed to stay but with little conflict. Its histories and marvels will be explored when one is there and the guides will make sure you get full data, see lots, feel lots, and make you happy in here.



Day 4: Messina SA

We cross the Beitbridge border post into Zimbabwe heading north to the great ruins of the southern Africa kingdom. The name Zimbabwe has been derived from this stone wall structures built sometimes ago. Arriving late evening for camping and resting.



Day 5, 6: Great Zimbabwe ruins ZIMBABWE

We wake up early morning on this world heritage site to the amazement to its structures and palace statures. Camping is just in the foot hills of this great site. These two days are spend on this great place and enjoying the palace that was structured long back but still stand today from 10000 AD to 1450 AD.



Day 7, 8: Gweru Antelope Park ZIMBABWE

This city is one of the best towns in Zimbabwe and offers the link between Harare and South Africa. Most of our time will be spend at the antelope park doing the extra mile excursions of walking with lions, and viewing other antelopes therein.

Day 9, 10: Bulawayo, Matopos Rhino Sanctuary ZIMBABWE

We work up in the Matabeleland capital the second city in Zimbabwe known for its wide road and a host of other things with it the science museum. We have a City tour and then head to Matopos sanctuary, where we can see rhinoceros at easy, visit the grave of founder of Southern Rhodesia, Sir John Cecil Rhodes. Other worriers are also buried here.



Day 11, 12: Hwange National Park ZIMBABWE

We have our evening at Nyamandlovu for the place is known to e elephant hub in dry season. This park is 14000kmĀ². This two day will make us move from Main camp to Sinamatella camp, to Robin camp. Each camp has its own meaning and short history that will be lectured to you as you enter one place after the other



Day 13, 14: Victoria Falls ZIMBABWE

It is one of the best moments to be here, this mighty falls one of the wanders of the world. Zambezi river pour through this falls over 545 million liter of water per minute. Falls were recorded by the first white man Dr David Livingstone in 1855 and to bear this his statue at the Devils Cataract. Besides the falls this place is inhibited by quality hotel good for any honeymoon safari. The town named Victoria Falls town is the hideout for more and many people have ended there safaris here or come back later after going through their planned itineraries.



Day 15: Chobe BOTSWANA

We cross in Botswana for the first time on this trip. This day we have our expedition on the second largest park in Botswana, known for its migratory elephants, the afternoon is spend on a game viewing on a boat cruise. It is the chance to view the spectacular African wild heritage.



Day 16, 17, 18: Maune, Okavango Delta BOTSWANA

An early start sees us driving through the Maun via Nata. We arrive in Maun in the late afternoon and prepare for our journey into the delta. The next day morning we board our planes there after we enter the delta. After our flights we turn back to our base for the next two days stay. This time when we are in the delta we have every chance to enjoy the best nature at offer. We go on safari walk and if possible we take Mokoro for exploration in the delta. It is this place called the delta that is unforgettable to many who have passed through and experienced its wanders from the air, Mokoro, walking.



Day 19: Gweta BOTSWANA

We depart the delta with scenic flight back to Maun, then head east to Gweta, where we overnight. We will usually spend the evening reminiscing around the campfire about our unforgettable Delta experience.



Day 20: Palapye BOTSWANA

We move this day to a place that used to call Phalatswe. This place is located on the banks of the famous river in this are called Lotsane river.



Day 21: Johannesburg SA

We cross into South Africa for a very long but scenic drive towards Johannesburg. This city we are moving towards is not just a city but it has its own treasures, the nickname gold city. There are many optional and outing places here. We can have our final dinner together.

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