Green Travel 15 day itinerary (Selous ,Mbuyuni farm Retreat)

Tanzania own Delta with its Wilderness plains, Selous Game Reserve, plus Ruaha National Park. Transfer from airport to Peacock Hotel for night and dinner




Day 1: Dar to Kilwa Ruins

Just after breakfast we take to the road for a long drive to Selous Game Park which is located some 350km to the south of Dar es Salaam. As we continue our journey it will take us 4hrs to be there. However we will not take this technique as it will cost us on the variety of things we are suppose to see. We will stop at Kilwa Ruins and have overnight there. Kilwa used to be the trade center plus route of products out of Africa to Arab states. Its structures are still standing and this makes it a good evidence of what used to happen at this great place. The first night we will sleep at Kilwa Kivhinje after exploring the whole part of this area. Dinner and overnight at Kilwa Lodge were we will have a very good meal from fresh fish.




Day 2: Kilwa Ruins

This is a very good day for those who love to play with water as it is a day for river activities. After breakfast you can have your fishing gears up and take to the waters for exclusive types of fish only found in this area. Those of us who will be beach lovers it is again this part of very nice resting places. Other can just take a Dow to the waters and take to any direction in Indian Ocean. When you have soaked up enough architecture, there are many welcoming bars and mangrove fern trees to talk to. Kilwa has shrunken in size and in wealth, but not architectural glory which will be a very nice to repeat its structures. Dinner and overnight at Kilwa lodge with other full mouth watering meals. You cannot wait longer to have the meal.




Day 3: Selous Game Reserve

Just after our early breakfast we pack our bags to move towards the great Selous Game. It is to the Western side of the Kilwa ruins. By noon we should be in the great lands of Selous with our packed lunch boxes. We have to find a tree that nobody can give a name and we have lunch from there. After lunch than l will give a real name and a lecture of this Game Park. We go to Selous Big 5 lodge for the rooms and sleeping places. After that we have afternoon game drive up to the grave of Sir Fredrick Selous whose name is this Park. The great Hunter who had a very great collection from southern Africa. With us it will be a hunt by camera while we hunt not for the big five but for the small five. Dinner and overnight at Selous Big 5 lodge.




Day 4: Selous Game Reserve

After breakfast we have our packed lunch boxes and take to a full day game drive which is such of its own kind in that you have the chance to the big five plus the notable bird life in the riverside shows of Rufiji fiver and its tributaries .the most interesting thing is that you will be in the thickest part of the game park most of the time as we maneuver in the park. There is the so cold Selous Zebra, Selous Giraffe, the big crocs etc. Flora is a diversified one in that it takes mach of its origins from southern Africa. Dinner overnight at Rufiji River lodge.




Day 5: Ifakara

After breakfast we take to Ifakara town which is a farming town as we drive to this town we will have a very last chance to see the unseen animals from the great park. We will have a night in this town having refreshments of allsorts and have our dinner and overnight at Kilombero Mbega Resort which is situated just outside town. See web site




Day 6: Kilombero valley

Expedition to the Delta starts. After our traditional breakfast we drive towards Kilombero River. It will take 20 min to get to the great river. We are going to have a great challenge to cross over to the other side of the river. This point is the only place we can cross and there is no bridge so lo do not know how we are going to cross but definitely we will cross over by using what………The river is at least 30 wide during rainy season. Before we cross everyone will have a chance to catch a fish and roost it before and after the crossing point otherwise superstition will make it difficult to cross over. We have to make it to Mahenge the oldest fort by the Germanys in Tanzania. It is about 2000m altitude. Dinner and overnight at local hotel while we enjoy the cool breeze of this chosen sight. As we enjoy the beers and coffee we will be entertained by the district officer who will be outlining the very conflict that is experienced in this part of the world between wild life and the settlers who just came to do some communal farming.




Day 7: Mahenge

Early in the morning we have chance to view sunrise which will be coming from Selous Game Reserve. After that we take a walk to down to the valley through the single street in this town. After our breakfast we relax enjoying again a very close up of the area. After lunch we take to the delta with a game scout to escort us as this place is a game controlled area. The whole expedition is going to be a camping one and no other services are there only the good music of the night. The game scout will lead us to any place deep into the wildness for camping. We will enjoy a night fire plus a cool night out there.




Day 8&9: Kilombero Valley

After breakfast we take to the adventure of walking into these thicket areas. We expect to meet lions, buffalos, Puku and Zebra at easy. After lunch we drive to further north or south depending on the trend of the presence of animals. Since this is not a national park we can continue exploring even in the deep night. Get a sound and we wake up to investigate. These two days are as unique as you will discover. During the day we take to bird watch and butterfly discover. The plains are as hot as you are on the beach but the nights are as cold as you might not imagine. It is also during these days that we can take to the waters to see the big crocs, hippos and fishing with the local fisherman. You can be lucky to catch the catfish, tiger fish and other types not recoded. During these days we will move from one camp to the other depending on what would have made our night a memorable one. Nights are full of music from different species and they try to dominate the territories they conquer. It is in this place where you can easily measure the distance of a lion roar. We will have a chance to mix with locals for their traditional music galas done almost every day night. We can also meet the Sukumas one of the pastoralist tribe still existing to date.




Day 10: Ruaha

Early games drive out of delta towards Iringa town. This will be enrooted to Ruaha national park. Ruaha is the best park to be in Tanzania because it houses the largest prides of lions and its geographical state is very pleasing. You look forward to a very best park to be. In lringa we can take a night there or proceed to Ruaha for a night in the park. Dinner and overnight at a chosen hotel or bungalows.




Day 11: Ruaha

After breakfast we take to a full day game drive with our packed lunch boxes. We will drive from the rivers to the hill tops seeing the very good and charging wild animals. Dinner and overnight at the campsite.




Day 12: Ruaha

After breakfast we drive towards the southern part of the park so that we can have a chance to have a look at the rivers that feed into the Mutera dam that give birth to electricity to Tanzania. This day will be a relaxing one after these morning drive and we relax for some time until sunset.




Day 13: Cultural tours

After breakfast we drive to Dodoma communal areas where we are going to meet one of the recorded men married to 100 wives and having more than 200 children. We will also have a chance to see the battlefield were the remains of what was use is still laying idle. There is a natural platform were we are going to sleep on the top waiting for the superstitions to happen there. Dinner and overnight at the chief’s palace.




Day 14: Mikumi

After breakfast we drive towards Mikumi National Park were we will have a stop over to sleep in one of the most accessible parks in Tanzania? Dinner and overnight a Mikumi lodge. To reward to your environmental awareness, the fantastic agurverdic spa and luxurious rooms provide more than enough indulgent moment to ensure you feel truly spoilt.




Day 15: Dar es Salaam

Drive to Dar from Mikumi at leisure arriving in Dar by sunset. We go straight to your hotels for a rest and preparations for the next day travel back home.

Day16 Dar es Salaam
End of safari taking you to the airport at the right time not to miss your flight.

Costing of this Safari Local payments 500USD Included Vehicle, Food 3 meals a day, Accommodation, Water and 2 soft drinks a day, Camping facilities, Insurance Evacuation cover

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