16 Days of interesting overlanding safari that covers from Kenya to Selous

Honeybadger Tours here present offer the following package of an overlanding safari from Kenya to Tanzania.It is possible for the trip to start either side of the two countries.




Arriving in Nairobi Airport or Dar es Salaam Airport

Places to be visited are Lake Naivasha in Kenya, Massai Mara in Kenya, Mombasa in Kenya, Serengeti NP in Tanzania, Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania , lake Ndutu in Tanzania , lake Manyara NP in Tanzania , Lake Tarangire NP in Tanzania , Massai bomas in Arusha Tanzania , Snake Park Arusha Tanzania , Usambara mt in Tanzania , Arusha NP in Tanzania , Ruaha NP in southern Tanzania , Mikumi NP in Tanzania, Selous NP in Tanzania , Udzungwa Mt in Tanzania , Kilombero valley and river in Tanzania , Mbeya highlands and its craters in Tanzania, Kilwa ruins and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania .




Interesting part of this tour

Is the diverse of the places you will pass through, experience of who you are going to meet, flexibility of the tour and culture mixture of the places you will be in come day one to last day. It will be one of the very best to be converted to suite your needs. You can also extend this trip to Uganda for the Gorilla primates or for the chimpanzees in northern Tanzania in Rubondo and Mahale NP.




What is involved?

This whole trip has its Game drives, cultural tours, beach relaxing, bird watching, canoeing, trees and medical importance, farm stay.




Who qualifies to be part of the team?

All age groups plus everyone willing to travel in a budget overlanding truck enjoying east Africa s most talked of places.





Total costing of this safari involves vehicle, tour guides, cooks, game drives, entry fees, and camping facilities.




Excluded is

Optional activities, tips, water, soft drinks more than one a day




Local payment

Itis this amount you have to pay when you need to do such an activity, further details will be provided upon request.





Please make sure you have a valid insurance cover as we offer only evacuation cover here.





Make sure you have a valid passport, valid visas, while visas can be processed by the company it is not our duty but a help to you.

What to bring: sleeping bags, toiletries, enough clothing which is supposed to be light cloths, anti malaria and ant insects spray.

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